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Page 9 reads Chief White Feather, but he is actually Cherokee Chief White Eagle. Princess Tsianina is also Cherokee.


Page 10 reads Last Squadron, whereas it should read Lost Squadron motion picture.


Page 55 should state that actor aviator Reginald Denny is on the right and Paul Whittier is on the left, rather than the reverse.rea

d “she founded in 1919” in the last sentence.

Page 73 should read “she founded in 1919” in the last sentence.

Page 104 should state that the chief aerial cinematographer of Wings is Harry Perry, not Elmer Dyer. The image title should also start with Hell's Angels, rather than Wings under the bottom photo.


Page 105 has a repetition about Elmer Dyer in the 2nd caption from page 104, which was meant for editorial deletion.


Page 115 Norma Shearer is actually Norma Talmadge.

Page 118 reads under the second photo that Ralph Ince is pictured on page 119, but this is actually Hugh Hubert. Ralph Ince is (not plays) the brother of the famous producer who passed away mysteriously, Thomas Ince. Joel McCrea is the actor on the left, rather than Robert Armstrong. Dorothy Jordan is pictured, rather than Mary Astor.


Page 119 lists Ralph Ince as the first actor on left, but this is Hugh Hubert. Once again this actor in the center is Joel McCrea rather than Robert Armstrong.


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